Penrith Home Loans’ Certified Buyer Program

Our program helps separate you from other shoppers with a fully underwritten pre-approval.

In today’s competitive market, our Certified Buyer Program gives you an edge and ensures you have the tools you need to get your offer accepted. Our program and on-time guarantee could be the difference between winning and losing out on your dream home. Perhaps you’ve been shopping for a while and you’re frustrated because you’ve lost out on properties to more competitive offers. Maybe you are new to home shopping and want to ensure you have the tools you need to get your offer accepted. Our Certified Buyer Program may be the advantage you need. We created this program to be specifically helpful when competing in multiple-offer situations and to make you, as a buyer, more attractive to a seller. 

It’s a program designed to get you home.


We work with you and your agent every step of the way to strategically position you for success.


By clearing all credit conditions, we can close on your home in as little as 21 days.


With our Certified Buyers, we’re so sure we’ll close on time, if we can’t, we’ll pay you and the seller. Our guarantee provides substantial financial safety and eliminates stress.

*Guarantee commences upon our receipt of a  fully executed Purchase and Sale Agreement and authorization to order appraisal. Guarantee not available if Buyer changes or agrees to change of loan program, or if there is a material change in the Buyer’s income, assets, or credit profile. Guarantee not available to Buyers or Sellers that are not natural persons, are licensed real estate agents, or are employed by or affiliated with a real estate service provider. In the event a Guarantee payment is to be made, payment will be made by check and cannot be credited to the costs or down payment associated with this transaction. Multiple Buyers or multiple Sellers shall receive only one Guarantee payment. Loan must close by the Guarantee expiration date. Guarantee shall not apply if closing date is not met due to delays caused by Buyer and/or Seller (e.g. more than 2 business days). Guarantee contingent upon timely receipt of escrow, title, and appraisal acceptable to the lender, investor, and insurers. Loan must receive final loan approval by Private Mortgage Insurer (if applicable). 

Tiers of Pre-Approval

Many lenders often misuse the term “pre-approval,” which can cause a lot of confusion for a homebuyer on the market. At Penrith, we understand the importance of homebuyer education and putting our clients in the best position possible to get their offer on a home accepted. 

Here is a quick way to understand the different levels of financing approvals, and how the Certified Buyer Program gives you the strongest offer against competition:


Offer strength: low

  • A brief conversation with a loan officer regarding income and assets
  • Auto-generated letter


Offer strength: moderate

  • Credit report pulled
  • Loan officer reviewed income and assets
  • Letter provided based on an automated system
  • Documents have not been viewed by an underwriter

Penrith Certified Buyer

Offer strength: high

  • Credit report pulled
  • Loan officer reviewed income and assets
  • Live underwriter reviewed documents
  • Fully documented and underwritten pre-approval letter provided
  • Money-backed guarantee to close on time*

How it works

Our Certified Buyer Program™ is a multi-faceted tool that assists in showcasing you as a superior buyer and helping your offer stand out. Upon completing a loan application with Penrith, you’ll provide current credit documentation to receive a fully-underwritten Pre-approval, clearing credit conditions. This Pre-approval is good for 120 days*. Additionally, this Pre-approval comes with an attached guarantee to close on time.

Here’s how it works:

Complete an application

Work with a Penrith Mortgage Consultant to complete a loan application. Our experienced professionals are available to guide you through this process.

Provide additional documentation

By providing current credit documentation, you’ll receive a fully underwritten pre-approval, clearing credit conditions. This is the advantage you want  in a competitive buying market.

Receive your certification

Your certified pre-approval is good for 120 days**, and comes with a guarantee to close on time. Now, when putting in an offer, it’s as good as cash!

**Pre-approval is valid 120 days from the date of most recently submitted documentation.

The Certified Difference

“In this competitive home buying market, my wife and I knew that we needed an edge. We didn’t have enough money to offer all cash, so we needed a way to stand out above other buyers while still taking advantage of a loan. Penrith’s 21-Day Guarantee was the perfect solution—it’s appealing to sellers looking for a quick close, makes us stand out above other buyers who haven’t gone through underwriting, and actually ended up saving us a ton of time during the closing process itself. All that time we might have spent filling out forms and sending bank statements could be spent on important things like packing and preparing for the move. All in all, I can’t recommend the Certified Buyer Program enough. It helped us get the house and it’s made the entire closing process smoother than I’d ever imagined.”

Joshua C.

Penrith Homebuyer

“I appreciated the efforts to combine Penrith with the “all cash” Certified Buyer Program. Clearly, it provided us a huge advantage given we were in competition with eight other very strong offers.”

Nick P.

Broker, Windermere Real Estate

“The 21-Day Guarantee closing was probably the deciding factor for the seller to choose our offer. There were multiple offers available and some offering more money than we were willing to offer. ”

Justin C.

Penrith Homebuyer

“[The Certified Buyer Program] was the difference between having a winning offer in this competitive, mostly cash-only, hot real estate market. Penrith came up with a quick and, more importantly, cost-effective solution that enabled us to purchase our dream residence in a very short amount of time. We highly recommend this company to all of our friends and family after witnessing the integrity, persistence, and conscientiousness on our behalf in this very competitive market.”

Sarah and Todd P.

Penrith Homebuyers

“The team at Penrith was outstanding to work with. Ultimately, the 21-Day Guarantee was a pivotal cause that allowed us to purchase our dream home. We had been outbid, but the sellers were enticed by our ability to facilitate a quick close. We had a very positive experience and would recommend [the Certified buyer Program] to anyone looking for an edge to close in the tight Seattle market.”

Matt B.

Penrith Homebuyer

Your neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, too.

Our team of local Mortgage Consultants value community, and understand what it means to call the pacific northwest “home.” We’d like to get to know you better and have a conversation about your home financing needs.

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